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Simpsons 25th Anniversary  

We're celebrating 25 years of Springfield! The Simpsons 25th Anniversary Keychain Series features 16 classic icons from Groening's infamous world. From Duff Beer to Buzz Cola to the head of Jebadiah Springfield, take a bit of Springfield with you everywhere you go.

  • Recommended age : 8 years and above
  • Small Parts
  • Blind assortment

LINE-UP : Duff Beer can, Blinky the fish, Maggie’s pacifier, Flying Hellfish, Bobo the Bear, Simpsons couch, Buzz Cola can, Slurpee cup Lisa’s saxaphone, Sprinklicious Donut, Homer’s bowling ball, Bart’s slingshot, Bart’s skateboard, baseball bat, radiation stick, Jebediah Springfield’s bronze head

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