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About Us

dinkybox is a very dinky (see what we did there?) sized, UK based company located within historic Warwickshire. We are a British online store that sells collectable designer art toys and comic art supplies produced by domestic and international companies, artists  and designers. We are happy to post our goodies to anyone who has lives within the UK, The Isle of Man and Channel Islands, who has a billing method with a UK registered (and confirmed) billing address.

"Our priority is supporting and promoting the work of national and international artists & designers and, of course, providing excellent customer care!"

Located in the heart of England, dinkybox is stocked with goodies we would like for ourselves either due to the professional quality (as evidenced in our Deleter artist supplies) or to the creative, quirky and just plain weird designs (that's everything else). As collectors we are always happy to help you try and find the figure you are looking for and when we post goodies we take super care to ensure your purchase reaches you in the same perfect condition it left dinkybox.

Many of the goodies we stock arrive at dinkybox as BLIND BOXES; that is to say that we have no idea which figure is inside which box. While this adds a fantastic surprize element, to a dedicated collector it can become both frustrating and super expensive when attempting to complete a collection. Just imagine having to open 160 blind boxes to find that one figure you are looking for! As such we have opened several blind boxes in order to identify who's hiding inside. Once opened we carefully reseal with low tack magic tape. Theses pre-identified goodies are labelled with the word (open) on our website. The blind boxes which remain factory sealed are listed as 'lucky dip' as it's exactly that. We really do not have any knowledge of who will be inside that box!

We have been going since 2004 so we know a thing or two about our business and how to offer the best customer service possible. We listen to our customers and are always happy to receive your feedback along with any ideas you have on how we can improve what we offer and what we do. Our dinky little store is as lovely as it is due to you guys and we can't thank you enough for all your kind support over the years. You guys totally rock (sorry, is that a little cheesy?).

Big smiles

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